REVIEW|”The Goofy’s Pizza”: A slice of NY in Osaka

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Hey pizza lovers, foodies, and adventurers! If you’re craving a taste of the Big Apple right here in Osaka, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’re diving into the delicious world of The Goofy’s Pizza,” a New York-style pizza place nestled near the heart of our bustling city “Umeda“.

What is The Goofy’s Pizza?

The Goofy’s Pizza offers NY-style pizza which is rare in Japan. The interior is cozy with some counter and table seating.

I first learned about The Goofy’s Pizza through the Kanasai lifestyle magazine “Savvy.”

At the heart of this pizzeria’s story is a passionate Japanese owner, driven by a desire to bring the iconic slice pizza culture she fell in love with during her time in the US to her fellow city dwellers in Osaka. The pizzeria soon captivated locals and visitors alike since its grand opening in November 2022.

Menu of The Goofy’s Pizza

Notable Menu

  • Goofy lovers (\650 incl. tax)
  • Mac and Cheese (\650 incl. tax)
  • Pepperoni (\550 incl. tax)
  • Supreme (\600 incl. tax)
  • Teriyaki chiken (\600 incl. tax)
  • Honey Cheese (\450 incl. tax)
  • M&M’s chocolate (\650 incl. tax)
  • Oreo cream (\650 incl. tax)
I ordered

Goofy lovers (\650 incl. tax)

The charm of The Goofy’s Pizza lies in its diverse selection of specialty pizzas, offering everything from the classic pepperoni to creative twists like teriyaki chicken, M&M chocolate, honey cheese, and Orea cream.

How was the taste of the pizza?


The pizza is visually appealing, with a sufficiently large diameter and abundant cheese topped with vibrant red pepperoni. The surface is beautifully baked, boasting a slight golden-brown crust that whets the appetite

Taking my first bite, I was immediately struck by the harmonious blend of flavors. The tangy tomato sauce provided a robust base, complemented by the creamy richness of the melted cheese. Each slice of pepperoni delivered a punch of savory goodness, its slightly crispy edges adding a delightful texture to the ensemble. The balance of flavors was impeccable, with neither the sauce nor the toppings overpowering the other, allowing the essence of the pizza to shine through with every bite.

If you miss the thin slice of good New York Pizza, then this is the place for you.

How long was the queue?

It still feels like a hidden gem, and the service is prompt, with hardly any wait time. Additionally, you can also order via Uber Eats or opt for takeout, making it convenient to enjoy pizza even on busy days.

Location, Access, Parking Lot

One mins from Exit #1 of Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchome Station.

Overall Review

Overall Review 5.0

Overall experience:
In conclusion, The Goofy’s Pizza’s pepperoni pizza exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From its enticing appearance to its delicious flavor and satisfying texture, it truly captured the essence of a classic pepperoni pizza done right. Whether you’re a die-hard pizza aficionado or simply craving a comforting slice of home, this rendition at The Goofy’s Pizza is sure to leave you craving for more. Plus, the reasonable prices are a big plus. If you’re craving some authentic New York-style pizza here in Osaka, this place is a definite must-try.”

Shop Details

Shop name in EnglishThe Goofy’s Pizza
Shop name in Japaneseザ グーフィーズ ピザ
Opening HoursMon: Closed
Tues~Sun: 12:00 – 23:00 (last order 22:30)
*Business hours may vary. Recommended to check IG.
Payment methodCash/Card/Electronic money
Address13-10, Kanei-cho,Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
AccessOne mins from Exit #1 of Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchome Station
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