Alexa Chung Secret of Skincare: Where to buy the products?


Designer/TV host Alexa Chung has posted a new video on her YouTube channel.

This time, she shares her secrets of skincare with her friend Rio Viera-Newton, a beauty writer of the magazine The Strategist.

The strategist is a life-style magazine that introduces products independently selected by their editors. so if you are searching for good cosmetics, skincare, fashion items, go there and check some!

Step 1 Clenzing

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VERSED「All-in-one Hydrating Milk」

Mainly made from coconut milk and bamboo extract

With reusable cotton, it’s a great item to clean your makeup when you didn’t have time cleaning them after the job and on the way back home on a flight.


Step2:Face Mask

The next step is moisturization by face mask.
They used several facemasks and I tried to identify as possible as i can.

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Facemask1:MEDIHEAL「Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask EX」

This Vita Lightbeam essential mask is also added with vitamin C which is beneficial for reducing the darkening on the face


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Facemask2:My beauty diary(我的美麗日記 )Aloe vera soothing mask」

My beauty diary in Target

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Facemask3:17VDERMA「PibuWang Mask」

Facemask with a cute cat illustration. This is the go to facemask when you don’t know which to use.


Step4: Face massage (optional)

Lapis Ritual Kit

HERBIVOREの「Jade Facial Roller」

In the video, plate-type massage equipment which comes with the Jade Facial Roller was used.


Step 5: Moisturization

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Dr. Loretta 「Intense Replenishing Serum」

This serum can also be used as a natural highlight when you aren’t wearing makeup.

Dr Loretta official website

Step6: Additional moisturization

COSRX Ultimate Overnight Nourishing Rice Mask

Days when it’s really dry and you want to make sure to be moist, this is the one to use.


Step7: Lip mask

TATCHA Kissu Lip Mask

The final product they introduced was this lip mask.
It’s a soothing lip mask with no stickiness.